I have exercised off and on for 25 years. I've never worked with a personal trainer so I decided to give it a try. I began training with Jim Rafalin in January 2011, three times per week. Almost immediately, I realized that working with a trainer would push me much harder than I would ever be able to push myself, with correspondingly greater results.

The differences between exercising alone vs. working with a trainer are numerous and substantial. I feel the keys to getting a better physical result have been the accountability I feel to show up each week, and the way in which Jim structures my workouts. Jim always keeps my workouts fun, interesting and challenging. He carefully orchestrates each workout considering my abilities, degree of fatigue, muscle groups, and my goals. Each week I look forward to the physical challenges and milestones that come from every customized workout. I have never pushed my body as hard as I do with Jim's help. Importantly, I have also never seen my body change so much and so quickly from exercise. He has taught me the correct way to exercise with whole body strengthening, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.

The Pro Fitness facility is clean, not overly crowded and has a wide range of exercise equipment. The entire staff is friendly and promotes a casual workout environment. There are numerous services available to encourage overall health and well-being, like therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling. My entire experience with Jim and Pro Fitness has been great and a very wise investment.



Jim Rafalin is a wonderful trainer. Every session is invigorating, surprising and sooooo challenging. I've noticed results almost immediately, and couldn't wish for a better partner when it comes to fitness training. I recommend him to anyone who's serious about exercise. I couldn’t have done it without him.


I was recovering from a major medical illness that affected my balance when I first started my training sessions with Jim. He is fantastic! He changed me from a flabby, poorly-conditioned, stressed individual to a well toned, happy person that no longer feels fatigued after walking a mile. He took my special needs and limitations into consideration and designed an exercise program that was specific to me. And with my ever-changing work schedule, he has been flexible and diligent about getting me in to work-out. Each training session is hard and targeted to specific muscle groups. He's really nice, too! I can't thank him enough- this is a life change!

- LORIE P., M.D.

Jim Rafalin has been my personal trainer since June 2009, when he worked as a "master trainer" at one of the large gym "chains". He was the third trainer I'd had there over a few years, and was by far the best. He is so good, in fact, that when he left that chain to start his own personal training business as an "independent" trainer at Pro Fitness Network in Pasadena in mid-2010, I followed him there.

Jim has been a true inspiration to me, because like me, he's a middle-aged guy, and he made a career change in mid life to pursue a meaningful career goal that he enjoyed doing, and that helped people. He's shown me that you can be fifty-something, and still be very fit and strong. He's given me the confidence to do very demanding workouts, and some specialized training, that I never thought I'd be able to do!

I've lost some of the weight I need to take off, through these workouts, but still have a ways to go (but that's on me, and has to do with my own need to form better eating habits!) However, I've never been stronger, had more energy, flexibility or stamina, or been more "fit" in my whole life, even when I was in the Army in my early 20's!

Jim works his clients about as hard as some drill sergeants I had in Basic Training many years ago, but he knows how far to push you without going too far, and he always manages to make the workout sessions fun and interesting; I have no idea where he comes up with some of the ideas he has for some of the exercise routines, but it never gets boring, and it's always challenging!

I can't recommend Jim Rafalin's services as a personal trainer, highly enough, and it's not an exaggeration to say that he's the best and most effective trainer I've ever had, in my whole life! And he's a decent guy, too


In the winter of 2006, I had a flu-like illness.  One night I had a coughing-fit so stressful that my heart went into fibrillation.  After a cardio conversion procedure (a defibrillator used to return the heart to a normal rhythm) and monthly visits to the cardiologist, the doctor’s strongest advice for my health - at approximately 315 pounds – “lose weight now”.  Trying on my own for two years, I had only managed to lose and keep off about 25 pounds.  At 286 pounds, I decided to join Weight Watchers.  The program had a food plan I could adapt to and the pounds slowly began to drop from my body.  But, one component of the program I was not good in implementing was activity.  After eight months, I had only lost another 26 pounds.

I had been thinking of joining a gym for some months and in November 2008, I finally signed up with 24 Hour Fitness.  The membership came with five fitness training half-sessions and I purchased additional full 50 minute sessions.  I knew if it was left up to me to workout alone, there would be too little accomplished.  The representative paired me up with Trainer Jim Rafalin, stating, “He really is one of the best trainers there is.  Jim will get you started out right.”  My first session was one week later, December 3, 2008.  Jim went over my goals, health issues, and safe weight loss guidelines.  He took my weight and body measurements, explained the need to warm up before each session and to workout on my own as well as the sessions if I really wanted to see results.  That night he showed me how to use the elliptical for cardio and I began my training with a focus on building the core muscles for support and weight loss.  Starting at 260 pounds, in one month I lost 12.5 pounds. 

Jim understands a strict “boot camp approach” would not fit my temperament, but he does not let me slack off either.  If I am tired by the fourth set, there is still one set more to go.  If any energy is still there, five sets become six.  Squats, shoulder presses, curls and “dreaded burpees and alpine climbs”, Jim puts me through drills I would never attempt on my own.  In three months I lost 27 pounds.  When I considered adding a Group X class to my time at the gym, Jim suggested the 24Cycle class as a great cardio and calorie burner.  I tried it (even though I cannot ride a bike) and now I attend three to four classes a week.   Nine months after the first session and 45 pounds lighter, I am at my weight goal - 215 pounds.


Jim took me on as a trainer several years ago before I left the country to go to Africa. I chose him, because being 40 years old, I did not want some 20-something telling me "you can do it!!!" Working with him, I knew I made the right choice on so many other levels. I loved his humor, his smarts, but most of all, his ability to get me to really push to my full potential without pushing me too far. When I came back to the states, I had unfortunately been diagnosed with Cancer, and needed to stop training. After the effects of the chemo were mostly behind me, I wanted to start getting my strength back, and called Jim. He was the best thing that could have happened to me at just the right time. He kept an eagle eye on me at all times, customizing my workouts to help me re-develop my stamina and strength, while making sure I was being safe, and keeping me smiling the whole time. I really consider him an incredibly integral part to my full recovery. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone, but especially to those who need extra care and truly customized workouts - not just some cookie-cutter regimen taken from a book. All you need to bring is a good attitude, and the desire to work hard, and he will do the rest. Thank you Jim...for being amazing!!!




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